Scope – Hylo-Dual Eye Drops 7.5ml


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The dual mode of action of sodium hyaluronate and ectoine provides intensive lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva and prevents the excessive evaporation of the tear film. The resulting stabilisation of the tear film, especially that of the lipid layer, relieves irritated eyes. Therefore, the symptoms of inflammation or those caused by allergy, like burning and itching, disappear.


  • Eye drops containing ectoine and 0.05 % sodium hyaluronate provided in the COMOD® device
  • Stabilisation of the tear film’s lipid layer
  • The ectoine-hydro-complex relieves symptoms of inflammation and allergyPreservative and phosphate free
  • Compatible with contact lenses

In stock



HYLO-DUAL 7.5ml – preservative free eye drops containing 0.05% Sodium Hyaluronate and 2% Ectoin for treatment of more severe forms of dry eye which require more viscous solution. Product sterile for 6 months from opening. Suitable for use with all contact lenses.

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