If you would like to try contact lenses for sports, socializing or for more frequent wear our Optometrists will take the necessary time and care to find the right lenses for you.

Thanks to modern technological advances there are many types of contact lenses available now. Our expert Optometrists, Maria, Norma or Trish will carry out a full assessment to determine the best type of contact lenses to meet your vision and lifestyle requirements. A FREE TRIAL of contact lenses will be provided; our experienced optical assistants will advise you on how to put in and out your contact lenses and if you need a few sessions to master this, there is no problem. After this trial your lenses will be assessed once more and if you are happy and our Optometrist is happy we can then order your contact lenses.

If you have tried contact lenses before and they haven’t worked out for you, please mention it to one of our staff members and we will be happy to discuss a retrial. There are newer, better lenses now on the market and these may be more successful for you.

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